Promoting philanthropic causes, intellectual interests, and the welfare of the community.


{ History }

The Woman's Library Club of Glencoe (the 3rd women's club in Illinois and the 61st in the country) began in 1872 as a small group of friends who gathered to read and discuss classical and contemporary literature.

As their collection of books grew, they made it available to the public, operating this "library" out of the first clubhouse at 654 Greenleaf Avenue. This community service continued until 1908, when the Club donated the entire collection to become the nucleus of the new Glencoe Public Library.

The Club operated the Glen Cote Thrift Shop. After 88 successful years the shop closed in 2012. WLC partnered with Family Service of Glencoe to open the North Shore Exchange on March 5, 2013. The North Shore Exchange located at 372 Hazel Avenue, is an upscale resale shop selling women's clothing, accessories and home furnishings through consignment and donations. NSE is the philanthropic arm of the Woman's Library Club of Glencoe and has been awarded 501(c)3 charitable non-profit status. Our WLC members exclusively staff the NSE.

The Club carries on its tradition of service by supporting numerous philanthropic causes. We continue our more than a decade old partnership with Writers Theatre , providing the land for WT to build a state of the art building which opened July 2016, insuring that Glencoe will be the WT's permanent home for many years to come. The brand new theater, designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects, has two theaters, outdoor and indoor meeting space and many other exciting new features.

We offer our members the good feeling that comes from helping others, a chance to show community spirit, and a place to enjoy shared interests. Best of all, are the friends we make along the way. The events that we sponsor continually change, but our friendships last a lifetime.

Membership is open to all.

{ Board Members }

Jennifer Maxwell Parkinson , Co-President
Sandy Scheckelhoff , Co-President
Linda Campbell , Vice President
Polly Richter , Philanthropy
Marcie Pickard , Secretary
Judy Foyer-Phillips , Interum Treasurer
Judy Foyer-Phillips , Membership
Jane Passy, Candice Kuhnen , Social/Education
Sharon King, Marcie Pickard , Program (WT/NSE Liaison)

{ Committee Chairs }

Linda Illes , Community Service Group
Diane Dorn , Dining Out
Shanah Madoff , Mahjong/Canasta/Knitting
Judith Horwitz , Newsletter
Jetta Boschen , Public Relations
Emily Rubin , Digital Marketing Intern Roberta Olshansky , Random Readers (3rd Wed)/Bylaws Candice Kuhnen , Reservations/Luncheons (1st Wed)
Allean Donato, Becky Neave,Summer Bridge (2nd & 4th Wed)
Roberta Olshansky/Allean Donato, Becky Neave , Winter Bridge (4th Wed)
Peg Malloy , Sunshine
Sue Ebner , Theatre Trips
TBD , Movie Night


{ Committees }


{ Community Partners }