May/June 2016 Newsletter

Summer appears to be here and with that comes the start of different activities for the club. We are not wasting any time since our first summer event is on June 1st. It is our annual meeting. This includes a pot luck lunch; short presentations by committees; voting on the proposed slate of officers; presentation of annual awards, scholarships and internships; and our first committee meetings of the year. This will be followed by a short final meeting of the 2016 board combined with the incoming 2016-2017 board. There is a lot of planning for the next year (which starts July 1) that gets started at the annual meeting so it is a great way to get involved and be heard, as well as honoring our outgoing board members for their many years or service to the club and hard work.

Becky Neave is finishing up her position as social chair after many decades of hard work. Becky was social chair in the old building with catered lunches, she took us through the years we did not have a building and, now, has been workinh hard to coordinate the last few months in our new forever home. Unless you have done the job yourself, you probably have no idea how much work goes into each of our social events. Becky’s final event as social chair is the annual meeting, which I know she is working on as we speak.

Roberta Olshansky is also leaving the board in June. Roberta has held so many jobs in the club over the years she has been a member that I won’t try to list them all because I know I would leave some out. Roberta has been every thing from president on down. Roberta’s latest position on the board was membership chair. She stepped in to help when we had an opening mid-term. Roberta’s hard work has led to our having more members than we have had in a long time, increasing our membership by twenty, with a lot of potential members still in the works. In addition, Roberta graciously hosted summer bridge at her house last summer when we were without a home - making it easier for many of our members to access this event.

Lastly, Ruth Nelson retired this year after year and years of being our reservations person - both as a board member and helping our social chair. Not only did Ruth take phone calls for all our events, but she greeted members and guests at every event with a smile on her face. I can’t even begin to count all the events that Ruth handled during her tenure.

The proposed slate of officers for 2016-2018 was announced a few weeks ago, when the annual meeting invitations were sent. This includes Jennifer Parkinson for a second term as our secretary, Jane Passy as social chair and Judy Phillips as membership chair. I am sure most, if not all of you, recognize Judy’s name. Judy was our treasurer for at least 8 years, even while she was working full-time. She took us through all the construction years at the Hazel building and was involved in the negotiations with Writers Theatre. Judy is very excited to take on a new role. Lastly, I have been slated for my first full term as President. I started almost two years ago as Vice President. A few months into my term, our long term and hard working president, Peg Malloy, had to resign for health and family reasons. However, Peg did a great job of making sure that I had what I needed to slip into her shoes. I am very excited to be able to continue to work to make our club a 501c3 and to integrate us into the WT building, which sits on land still owned by the club. The past year and a half have been very busy with business projects for the club — we had to adjust to a much smaller budget by cutting costs for our professional services, renegotiate our loan for the Hazel property and complete a 5 year lease with the NSE, as well as rewrite our by-laws. There’s still a lot of work to do as we evolve into the latest chapter of the club and launch new activities. And, we just learned today that our name will be going up on one of the doors on the front of the building. We re very grateful to WT for doing this, since it was not part of our original agreement with them. It is just one example of how ready, willing and able the team at WT is to work with us and to make us feel at home. I am looking forward to the next two years of working on more activity related projects.

The WLC annual meeting is taking place at our club - WRITERS THEATRE, 325 Tudor. Technically, the deadline for rsvps had passed - but the more, the merrier — so if you can make it, please call Becky Neave ASAP at 847-835-0312 and let her know. She has a lot of work to do this weekend to get ready for Wednesday. The sooner she knows, the easier it will be for her. The formal invite is attached here, in case you missed it. And, if you can’t make the potluck but have some time to stop by for the committee meetings, that is also great.

If you can’t make the meeting are interested in chairing a committee, please contact Max Retsky at 847-812-7825 or We would love to have some new faces involved in the club. There is a job for anyone who has a few hours a month or more. A few other new things we have added this year are a club website and email address.


Summer Bridge
Summer bridge starts June 8th at the Takiff Center and will be the 2nd and 4th Wednesday for June, July and August. It starts at 12:15 with light refreshments. Jean Howlett and Allean Donato are the chairs. Find a partner and sign up. Or, if you don’t have a partner — let the chairs know and they will help you to find one. And if you can’t commit to to the whole 6 session, then sign up as a sub. Beginners are welcome. Jean’s number is 847-835-4257 and Allene email is and her phone number is 847-374-8113.

Knitting, Needlework and Chatting
Thanks to new member Laurie Morse, we have revived our knitting get togethers. There is a small, but growing group who have been getting together a couple of Wednesday mornings a month and taking advantage of the tranquility of the our Patrons Lounge. We are planning to continue this group over the summer. Look for updates on when. Laurie’s email is and her phone is 847-835-4123.

Game night
Mahj (and possibly other games) will be starting up very soon. A big thank yo to Camille Rudy for pushing us to get this started on Monday nights in the Patrons Lounge. Many of you have already let me know you are interested in playing, but there may be more. And we welcome beginners or people who want to learn how to play. Please email if you want to be on the list for this or call Max at 847-812-7825 while we are still looking for a chair for this group.

Movie Group
We are working on getting a movie group starting this summer or early fall. The board is looking for a volunteer to be the coordinator. This is a job that won’t take too much time and will be lots of fun. We will be looking for volunteers at the annual meeting, but if yo are interested and can’t make it to the meeting, email if you want to be on the list for this or call Max at 847-812-7825.

Random Readers and other Book Groups
Random Readers continues through the summer on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The book for June is LOLITA by Nabokov. And in case you want to get ahead on your summer reading, the book for July is MRS> KIMBLE by Haig and for August is FIFTH QUEENby Ford. Ellie Pagano and Jean Howlett are the chairs. Ellie’s email is and her phone is 847-386-7886. Jean’s phone is 847-835-4257. Even if you don’t have time to read the book, you can always drop in and enjoy the great discussions.

A number of you have expressed interests in other types of book groups and different times. We have listened and will be working to launch these in the near future. Watch for descriptions of the different types, along with the dates and time. Please email if you want to be on the list for this or call Max at 847-812-7825, if you are interested in being a leader

Board Meetings
Our last meeting of the current board will be held immediately after the committee meetings on June 1st, as it has in years past. This is the only board meeting that is currently scheduled to be held in June. All members are welcome at all board meetings, which will be held at WT. The incoming board has not set the schedule for the 2016-2017 monthly board meetings. As soon as we do, the annual schedule will be published.

Dining Out
Dining out has finished another great year of delicious food coordinated by Diane Dorn. Diane will start up the group again in September. If you want to have a casual dinner with old and new friends, make sure Diane Dorn has your contact information to add to her growing list. Contact Diane at or call her at 847-835-1174. Watch for new opportunities to please your palate, in addition to this long time event, that we will be launching some time in the next few months.

We are in the planning process for our 2016-2017 events. Maria Rigolin is heading up this fun group with a purpose. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Maria at or call her at 847-835-4591. In addition, the Stroeger hospital group continues to do good things for people who are not at the best health wise. Linda Illes coordinates these efforts and can be reached at or 847-780-4288. Lastly, we have been doing some volunteer work to help other organizations by staffing their house walks. This has bee na great way to spread the word about our club and meet other nice people.

Don’t forget that our major philanthropic effort is providing staffing for the NSE. Not only do our members work in the shop, but they do all the behind the scenes work led by the fabulous Missy Brownson, the store manager, Wendy Serrino and Susan Sholl. The shop takes over 10,000 volunteer hours a year to run, so there is no such thing as too many volunteers given the growth of the store and the start of lots of new projects in the store. The NSE exchange has met many milestones in the last year — increasing sales every year and the grants they are able to give as a result. In addition, the shop was featured on a TV show and in Make it Better. The Glencoe sidewalk sale is one of the busiest weekend of the year for the shop and it will be here before we know it — it is June 24th and 25th. Watch for information on the what the NSE needs and the exact times.

If you already volunteer, you know what a rewarding experience it is. If not, what are you waiting of? Make this the year that you get to know what happens in our Hazel building 5 days a week. Contact Missy at, call 847-835-0026 or just stop over Tuesday-Saturday and check it out. Even if you don’t want to volunteer, you can donate or consign clothes and household items.

Website and Newsletter
Our website has been up since March but is desperate need of someone to manage it. The site is And, we will be relaunching our newsletter this fall. Watch for updates on both of these great communication tools. And don’t be shy. If you have any experience, we could use your help. Contact Max Retsky at 847-812-7825 or

Sunshine and Snail Mail
No one ever wants illness, stress or tragedy in their lives, but it happens to us all. Bobby Takiff is our chair for this committee. So, if you hear that someone is in need of a little cheering up or some help, please contact her at or call her at 847-835-5454. In addition, ten of our members do not have email. It is very important to us that they have all the information that the rest of the club has and as soon as possible. We are still looking for 1-2 volunteers who are willing to help to accomplish this. This is a job that can be done whenever you have a few minutes and would mean so much to those who are not electronically connected. If you are available to help, please email or call me at 847-812-7825 or let us know at the annual meeting.

Membership Renewal
By now, you should have received your membership renewal form in the mail. Dues remained $100 and our minimum philanthropy contribution remains at $25. If you have not already mailed in your dues, please do so as soon as possible. The only revenue the club has is dues. We plan our budget based on this. Please mail your checks made payable to WLC to 321 Park Ave, Glencoe, IL 60022, attn: membership chair. (NOTE: 325 Tudor does not have mail delivery, which is why our mail will continue to go to the Park Av address.) By the end of the calendar year. we should have our 501c3 status and your philanthropy contributions will be tax deductible.

Thank you to the many members who have already mailed in their renewals. You have no idea what a big help this is to the board and the club. If you are interested in helping Judy on recruiting new members or the 2016-2017 directory, please contact her at or 847-835-5317. Judy and Jane Passy our incoming social chair are busy working on a new member event for the summer at the beautiful rooftop Sick Garden at WT and could use your help. Jane’s email address is and her phone number is 847-867-6552.

In summary, we are about to start our first full year in our forever home. The opportunities are endless, but will all new things this is an evolutionary period for the club. Be patient, but also be vocal. If you have ideas, thoughts, compliments, or criticism, let us know. And thank you for all your support and your continued membership in one of the oldest women’s clubs in Illinois.

Hope to see you soon, if not in June!

Max Retsky