February 2016 Newsletter

Hope everyone is having a good winter so far.  For the most part, Mother Nature has been pretty good to us all and I, for one hope she continues to keep the temperatures mild and the sun shining. But, regardless of the temperatures outside, our hearts should be very warm given the fact that our new building will be opening in a few weeks.  After years of planning and building, it is hard to believe that the doors will be opening in a few short weeks.  Please take the opportunity to tour the building with Writers Theatre staff before it opens officially to the public.  Not only will you be ahead to the masses, but you will learn all about what the building has to offer us and get answers to your questions first-hand from the experts.  Check this newsletter for specifics on when and how to sign-up.

Along with a new building, we have a club email address...WLCGlencoe@gmail.com. And in a few weeks, we should also have a website...WLCGlencoe.org.  Along with the website, we will have lots of new information available at the touch of a button about our club and its rich history. Many thanks to Pam Kleinmann and Sarah Scherdt for spearheading this huge project. If you would like to help us get the site up and running, please send an email to our new email address!

If you have not been to a lunch in a while, I strongly urge you to make it to our March 2rnd lunch. Our Guest speaker is a former Glencoe resident - Helene Stelian.  Many of you know her, but for those who don't, Helene was very active in Glencoe while she lived here, founding the Glencoe Parent Connection and working on many fundraisers and boards.  When her two daughters decided they wanted to go to the Latin School in Chicago for high school, the family relocated to Chicago.  Helene used her spare time to found Next Act for Women - a blog for dare I say older women (women our age) who want to reinvent themselves.

Next Act for Women inspires women to take the plunge toward fulfilling their passions. How? By creating a community where women can read about women who have made this leap, contribute their stories of successes and bumps in the road, share tips and other words of advice, thereby learning from each other as they strive to live out their Next Act. In addition, Helene writes articles for the Huffington Post and has published several books. Let's make Helene's return to Glencoe as big a success as her blog.

This is also the month of the Oscars, so it seems fitting that we have decided to launch a movie group. Claudia Mion-Spiezs is busy working out the details for the first event. If you have any ideas for days of the week, times of the day, or formatting for the group, now is the time to speak up. Please contact Claudia at cmion@sbcglobal.net or 773-865-8612.

So, clearly you have lots of reasons not to hibernate for the next few weeks. Hope to see you at these and other events.